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Hello everyone, i was wondering if anyone could help me by determining if the parts i want will work together or cheaper alternatives? This is my first build so I'm not so sure on some things.

Here is a list of the parts I'd like:

I like the Logisys CS1202BK (Black) ATX Mid Tower Case because its rather inexpensive and seems to have a decent amount of fan space,I don't plan on overclocking anytime soon, but i might in the future, so is the corsair h60 liquid cooling system worth it?

I'm having trouble deciding on a psu, on the list i have the Enermax 650W ATX12V Power Supply selected for now, but i was wondering if there was a cheaper psu that is reliable? i just need a psu that can handle the i5 3570k, a HD 7870 GHz edition gpu, a few fans and sata 2 hard drives and leaves a little room for small upgrades.

also is the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 ATX LGA1155 Motherboard a good choice or is there a cheaper mobo with similar specs?

Thanks for your time :)
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    I'm assuming you already have a HDD, as there's none on your list?

    Drop the RAM to 2x4GB, no need for 16GB on a gaming system. CPU is fine, and that cooler is good, especially if you want to go and OC later on. You can get cheaper air coolers with similar performance, however...but you'd not be saving a huge amount.

    The PSU is good, for both brand and power. You could drop to 600W and look at Corsair, Seasonic, Be Quiet!, Silverstone or XFX but I doubt you'd get massive savings. Enermax are a good brand, so perhaps stick with them.
  2. yea, sorry about that, everything else is already taking care of, it was just these things i was needing, thanks for the reply :) On a side note, as a hobby I like to do some 3d modeling and rendering, would there be any performance gain using 16GB compared to the 8GB? Thanks again
  3. Yeah, in that case go with the 16GB. If you do a lot, you may want to go with the i7-3770K, but it depends how much you do. If it's once or twice a week, the i5 is a more cost-effective CPU for your overall system usage.
  4. Yea it isn't like an everyday thing, but if i was to opt for the 8GB instead and used the money towards a different gpu maybe? Is the HD 7950 worth the extra ~$50 compared to an HD 7870?

    Or should I save the $50 and grab a ssd? maybe this one?

    Thanks again for your help diellur :)
  5. Newegg has 7870's as low as $229 after rebate.
  6. Thanks geekapproved, I found out a micro center is about an hour drive away so I think I'll get all of my parts there except for the graphics card, it will cost a little less and i don't have to wait for shipping(I'm so impatient when it comes to waiting for deliveries :P) That being said I changed a few things so I'd like to know what you guys think and if the parts will work well together :)

    cpu - Intel Core i5 3570K 3.4GHz LGA 1155 Processor
    case - Cooler Master HAF912 Mid Tower ATX Computer Case
    mobo - ASRock Z77 Extreme4 LGA 1155 Z77 ATX Intel Motherboard
    ram - Corsair Vengeance Series 8GB DDR3-1600 PC3-12800
    psu - PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk III Series 600 Watt psu
    cpu cooler - Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Universal CPU Cooler
    case fans - Cooler Master MegaFlow 200mm Blue LED Case Fan x2

    Then for the graphics card I'll just get from newegg I'm debating on either the HIS IceQ H787Q2G2M Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition or a GIGABYTE GV-R787OC-2GD Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition Would it be work the extra money to go for the 7950 version of either card

    How does it sound? Thanks again guys
  7. Also a little question to add to the above, if i were to get those parts, about how impressed would i be with performance of said pc if the best computer i've ever messed with or own is a AMD Athlon 64 x2 4800+, 3 gb of ram, and an msi radeon hd 4670? Thanks again :D
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