High definition video not playing well on p4 pc what is the solution for this

Hello, please guide.
i have -
intel 865g motherboard,
1.5GB RAM,
Pentium 4 - 3.00GHz Processor.
I have some high quality videos and movies, and a 8 GB DVD of movie. The DVD is played well on dual core system and also the videos.

Can I see those videos and movies on My PC?

What I need to do for it?
Can I get a graphics card? Which cards are compatible to my motherboard? And where do i get them?
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  1. Hello. You definitely need a new graphics card. However, I cannot tell you which are compatible because the motherboard you mentioned isn't a motherboard, it's a chipset model. To find out the motherboard model try downloading CPU-z from www.cpuid.com and tell us the model from the mainboard tab.
  2. It depends on video card id say but it should be possible just try and see.. if it doesnt play then repost here...
  3. okay.. I will.. Thanks for information...
  4. Hi Dear, the CPU-Z Application has given me the following details.


    Manufacturer: Intel

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