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I'm not sure if this is the right category to ask this question but i need some advice on choosing a monitor.
I'll be mainly using it for gaming (fps, mmorpg, FIFA), AutoCad, watching movies, little bit of photoshop maya 3Dmax (hobby)
Internet and general school work.

I was looking at Dell U2412m x 2 but is the 8ms going to be a problem? (<$300)

Any advice on experience would be great. Thanks on advance!

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    Look for 1920x1080 resolution, 5ms or less response time,LED back lighting and preferably VESA mounting. Beyond that I don't know what differentiates a decent from a great monitor.

    Also I'm guessing from the website you are from Australia? Look at MSY, Umart and PC Case Gear for good prices on monitors and general computer components (oh god that sound like an ad).
  2. yeah same here wasn't sure which monitor would be good.
    Yes, from Australia, and I did have a look at some of their monitors and again couldn't see anything, I was looking at PA238Q at one point, but gave up since I read some reviews about blacklight bleed and it was $345

    Right now, I'm really keen on the u2412m even with the 8ms, which apparently doesn't make much a difference. So just checking if there are any other that I haven't looked/heard of before I go the dell tomorrow.
  3. That is quite an expensive monitor.
    IPS panels are not really required for gaming. They are good for Photoshop and such since it has superior colour reproduction than TN panels. But as you can probably see, is very expensive and has a longer response time.

    At that price you could probably buy two good 1920x1080 monitors and have dual monitors (very useful believe me).
    Two of these would be pretty good.
  4. Yes, your right it is a bit expensive and a bit over budget. But it's just so hard to find a decent monitor with display port, good response time, and VESA mounting, after you mentioned it, looks good :)
    Quite hard to believe since there are so many monitors out!
  5. DisplayPort monitors are very expensive, the average consumer wont have them a while yet.

    Yea, they are the one component (other than watercooling components) that I don't really know about. With processors and HDD's and such, you can just point to a number and say its faster or will be better/worse in this situation based off this benchmark. Monitors not so much.
  6. So then can eyefinity be setup with the display port? I thought you needed to have display to set up an eyefinity? And what monitor do you have, I have a system almost similar to yours with 7950 tho
  7. Eyefinity can be set up on Displayport (you essentially have to since most AMD cards only support two non-DisplayPort outputs, with usually two more mini-DP ports). If you had two cards you could set up a triple monitor Eyefinity without using any DisplayPort... ports. Though if you don't have another card or DisplayPort monitor, you will need a DisplayPort to something adapter to get triple screens.

    My monitor is a bit old and not for sale anymore. Its the Benq G2420HD. 1920x1080, 5ms and that's about all I know of it.
  8. Well thanks a lot for the input, I think ill do more research on vs248h or ve248h and might slowly add the other monitor
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