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I don't know why my image is blocked, but I need the code to submit my RMA form. Very irritating so if someone could help out by clicking the link below and telling me what the numbers are so I can submit the request that would be awesome!
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  1. GSSBB6S
    S and 5 could be confused though hard to tell
  2. Huh it keeps saying incorrect code. I refreshed it what does this one say Thanks for the help I really appreciate it!
  3. BT7D5CY

    Looking at the 5 there S was correct in the first one.
  4. I don't understand why it keeps saying invalid. Any ideas on how I can get my browser to show the code? I have tried it on chrome, and windows explorer.
  5. Might be easier to give them a call, you are using upper case?
  6. The last code was 39K8FMK, dont forget it will not work if you typed the letters in lower case, instead of upper case lettering it needs an exact match Its a secure image feature.
  7. Ya I made sure it was upper case, and I tried copy and pasting the text you guys typed. I guess I will have to wait until monday to give them a call since they are not open on weekends. Never had an issue with the image not loading either which is strange.
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    It changes every time you click the link, therefore I will not see the one you see!
  9. Does it really wow. Guess i will go download firefox and give that a shot to see if it works. Thank you for the help and time.
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