PC won't switch on for several minutes after plugging in.

I've had my PC for three years now, and it's been fantastic, but recently it has taken several minutes to respond to the power button after switching it on at the plug. It restarts just fine, and if the power is left connected then it's fine, but if the power is disconnected in any way it will do this.

In the last couple of days it has gotten worse, and it now won't switch on at all!

I have tried checking all the mobo plugs for good connections.
The motherboard power light is on, and behaves as I expect.
There is nothing in the motherboard manual about such an issue.
The inconsistency leads me to think it is not an issue with the power switch, although I'd like a way to test this.
Nothing moves, lights up or does anything, until it decides it is going to go, at which point it functions 100% as normal.
No components have been changed in the last 3 months.

The power supply is a BeQuiet! Pure power 350w supply. The mobo manual specifies 300w as a suggested minimum.
There is just a HDD, CDD and gfx card connected.
The mobo is an asus M4N78

Thanks for your help

Any ideas? I plan to try another PSU today if I can get one.
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  1. Well, after 3 years it could indeed be the PSU's dying.
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