Nvidia Quadro NVS450 and HDMI

Good morning!
i d like to know IF a Nvidia Quadro NVS450, that has got 4 DisplayPorts as output video signal, can be converted to HDMI and then be shown in 4 LED TV with HDMI input.
This question could appear as nonsense, BUT in the datasheet i read (http://it.download.nvidia.com/nvidia/Quadro/PDFs/NV_DS_QNVS_450_US_Oct08_LowRes.pdf):

"DisplayPort to DVI-D (Single Link) industry
standard cables can be used to drive
digital displays at resolutions up to
1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz"

c'mon, DVI begin to be dead, everything is in HDMI now, even the TV that i'm going to buy!

NOBODY talks about DisplayPort ----> HDMI passive cable adapter converter working with this Card, and i'm asking if it's REALLY possible, before to buy the card and the TVs 50", so expansive!
Can someone answer to me, if it is possible?
Someone wrote that there are problems in converting video from DP to HDMI directly,is it true? i dont want to bring audio, just video.
Can someone explain me if shall i buy specified TV with some special HDMI protocol in order to see the video?

So finally my question is: does passive converter DisplayPort to HDMI work with this Card?????
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  1. And more:
    i'm reading this topic:

    where Antoshka has problem with audio, not with converters. So i'm happy to see that it may works (i dont care about audio, just video pleaseee)
    BUT i'd like some more confirm from other people! thanks ;)
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