Another i5 3570k temp question

Hi all

I just finished building a new system. Its a micro-atx build with an i5 3570k processor at stock speeds and the stock intel cooler. I tried fitting a hyper 212 plus in the build. Though it fits, i felt there was too little free space inside the case for good airflow, so I removed it. The case has 3 120 mm fans, one each in the front, back and side along with a top mounted PSU with its own 120 mm fan facing down. I used Arctic M-4 thermal paste.

This is a screenshot of hwmonitor taken when I was doing casual browsing and downloading a few games from Steam.

Are these temps normal? Or should I do something about them?

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  1. They are fine.
  2. Looks normal
  3. Thanks for the super-quick responses guys. And for letting me know that things are indeed normal.
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