Cannot make backup image- 0x8078015b error

I swear I am hitting every problem possible with this computer!! After much frustration for two days, I have done a clean Win 7 Ultimate install. I am running a SSD/HDD combo. Intel Rapid Storage kept flagging my mechanical drive as faulty (even after I reset it back to normal). I got tired of the message and just turned off the feature... I have been having trouble making a backup image. I REALLY need a backup disk since I had to turn off "System Restore Points" so that it wouldn't bloat my SSD. I noticed that it will successfully go through making a backup of my C drive (the SSD) and when it hits the mechanical drive, the backup will fail and I will get the 0x8078015b error.

Does anyone know how to fix this or what I can do to make a backup without using the Win 7 utility? Is my mechanical drive really faulty?? Is it my external that I am trying to make the backup to being faulty?

I saw someone else with this same problem and even after getting all new drives twice, the problem persisted and it never seemed to get resolved... My HDD is a WD Caviar Black 750 GB. I really need this computer up and running ASAP and as I have purchased the mech. drive online, the wait and money I have spent on this project is starting to become exhausting... :(
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  1. Sup Bro,

    Get Ghostzilla and image the whole drive once a month or so....

    It's not really hard... download:

    Then smash up youtube for a tutorial, tjis will image the while drive top to bottom...

    Ive used this application 3 times today and and I haven't had any drama's with it at all..
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