New AMD CPU, computer shuts down after a second or two


I have an MSI 990FXA-GD65 motherboard, currently breadboarded with 4Gb Corsair Vengeance memory and a Diablotek PHD Series 850 watt PSU. The CPU I've added is an AMD FX 8150. After powering it on the fans on both the PSU and CPU spin up then, like the title says, the computer shuts down after a second or two.

MSI lists the CPU as supported for the motherboard and I've gone through the checklist for boot and POST issues and everything checks out. I am not getting any beep codes from the speaker.

The only thing I can think of is that I might need to flash the BIOS because it might not be able to run the processor in its current state, but I don want to try that until I get an idea of whether I can do anything else.

Any ideas?
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  1. No beeps without ram?
  2. Nope, same thing.
  3. Most likely bad board if you just got the board it should support Bulldozer been a while since it came out.
  4. The board's been running an AMD Phemon II X3 for the past year.

    I'm thinking more and more that it might be the BIOS. I got the motherboard pretty much right before the BIOS update that supports the 8150 came out.
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    That changes things most likely a BIOS upgrade needed for the FX!! You will have to use the X3 for that!
  6. Does the computer still run with the old Phenom II X3? What is the version of your BIOS? Which version of the Motherboard do you have, 990FXA-GD65 or 990FXA-GD65 V2? I'm betting that you have the 990FXA-GD65 (not V2). MSI indicates that you need the BIOS file or higher to use that CPU. However, I would suggest you upgrade to the latest BIOS just to be sure that your CPU is properly supported(assuming it works with the Phenom II X3).
  7. Yeah, it still runs on the X3. I'm putting it in now to do the BIOS update. And it isn't the GD65 V2.
  8. mugetsu37 said:
    Yeah, it still runs on the X3. I'm putting it in now to do the BIOS update. And it isn't the GD65 V2.

    Being over an year old it shipped with a BIOS older than bulldozer!
  9. Updating the BIOS did the trick, thanks guys!

    It still didn't boot a couple of times, but it seems to have worked itself out.
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