Help with $2000 mITX Gaming build

Hi this build is for gaming in my university's dorm in Toronto and hoping you guys could help with finalizing parts and helping me find out whether all the parts are compatible and if they fit within the case. Thanks :)
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  1. Looks great in terms of performance and you shouldn't have any major heat issues. I doubt it would be a particularly quiet system though. Also I would just check that the GPU and cooler fit in that case. I would check for you but I'm on my phone at the moment.
  2. Damn i love powerful mini cases, they seem weak at first sight but they pack a puch :lol:

    Asuming this PC is for gaming and no crazy HEAVY video editing or gaming with 100 tabs opened in chrome with tons of background sht openeded this tips will come in handy:

    *Drop the 16GB of RAM, they're not needed, 4GB is enough 8GB is the sweet spot.
    *Get a Crucial M4, Vertex 4 or a Mushikin Chronos deluxe SSD.

    i will past back in a few hours...wait :)
  3. Hey thanks for the reply guys. @iroid, I've checked out that build and it seems amazing but a bit out of my budget unfortunately :'( And you're right, its mainly for gaming and no crazy video editing stuff but usually I like browsing chrome and having a ton of stuff open while playing and all and I've had 8gb of ram for 3 years and the ram usage would peak a lot, so I just wanted to try my hand at 16gb :) and I do have a Crucial M4 256GB 2.5" SSD along with a 3TB Internal HD as storage units. Thanks for the suggestion man

    @jmsellars, noise isn't that big of an issue as long as it doesn't sound like an earthquake lol and about fitting everything in the case, I pretty much copied this build and since it's my first time building my own computer, it has a step-by-step video which will really help me :) Thanks :)
  4. Don't know your definition of noisy but you may want to consider replacing the fan on the H80. I've heard its a bit noisy.
  5. You're missing the PSU :lol:
  6. I don't know much about psus but the SG-08 comes with a 600W 80+ certified psu so I just left it as it is. Not sure if I should change it or not :S Also, thanks for the links guys, definitely gnna help out when I assemble everything :)
  7. 600W is more than enough and Silverstone is reliable enough, you could just leave it.
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