Advice on new graphic card please


Im looking at buying a new gpu, I have this right now -

Intel quad q6600 @ 2.4ghz
4gb ddr 2 ram
8800GT gpu
250gb sata hdd
W7 64bit

The psu is an Alpine 230V 500w 50hz - (think its a cheap value one)

I have abou £85 to use, and would like to play @ 1080p on 32" hdtv if possible or just under resolution.

I was thinking of a hd 6770 but after days of reserch i found that its not that much of an upgrade to what i already have in the 8800gt, so maybe i thought a 6850 or something but not sure if my psu could handle it.

So with that psu i have is there a better card i could get for my budget ?

Thank you.
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  1. A 500W power supply should be able to run virtually any single GPU video card.
  2. why not get the new hd7770, performs the same as the hd6850 but consumes a lot less power. Msi hd7770 ghz edition for $125 after rebate

    should be similar to £85
  3. Hi, thanks for both replys.

    The 500w psu is just a cheap one cost is about £10 new, would that run the HD7770 ok ?

    thank you.
  4. well, the hd7770 works on a quality 400w psu, but I really wouldn't feel comfortable with a low quality psu. Cause when they break, they might take the whole system with them. What is the 12v rail reading on your psu? There should be a specification table attached to the psu. The total system power consumption of the hd7770 at full stress is around 230w. So if your psu outputs at least 300w on 12v rail, you should be fine.
  5. Hi, Thanks, this is what is sese on the psu -

    Alpine 500w
    Jsp 500p12N

    AC Input - 115V/230V, 7A/4A

    Frequency 50/60hz

    Max load 500w

    ---------------------------------- DC OUTPUT -------------------------------------------

    +3.3VDC - 20A
    +5VDC - 30A
    +12VDC - 30A

    @ 484W

    -12VDC - 0.5A
    +5VSB - 2.0A


    Ps-on = remote
    Com = return
    Pok = PG

    I have no idea what any of that means, but just by google Alpine 500w psu - it appears to be a budget psu.

    Is there a chance it could run HD7770 simalar ?

  6. Race Pro said:

    +12VDC - 30A

    @ 484W

    Is there a chance it could run HD7770 simalar ?


    yes it is more than enough to power up that gpu.
  7. Ok, But wold the 6850 also run quite well with that psu without oer heating etc ?

  8. its should be able to run the 6850 as well, but i wouldn't recommend pushing that psu to its limit. better to stay safe with the 7770 which performs just as good as the hd6850
  9. Ok, i will look at the HD7770, however after a serach on ebay/ebuyer i have noticed that there are quite a few at differnt prices/specs.

    Any idea which one would be best to go for ?

  10. try to get one from sapphire, asus, msi, gigabyte. those are the brands I trust for amd gpus. Also the ghz edition should perform better than the others. The link I gave you was a sweet deal.
  11. oh wait just realised your from uk, so you won't get the sweet deal that americans get. I know this cause I live in Australia myself :(
    This looks alright
  12. Ok, will have alook at that one.

    Just out of intrest is th site reliable

    As comparing th HD7770 what you recommended and the 8800GT i have, according to that site, the 7770 uses less power, so in theroy the 7770 should run on my pc no problem - is this correct ?

  13. nope I do not like that website one bit. Their comparison is too generic. They don't show you the real life difference in performance. Use techpowerup, guru3d or even Toms gpu overviews.

    its hard to compare between an older dx10 card with a dx11 card like the hd7770. I guess the gts 450 is somewhat similar to the 8800gt but at least 50% better.

    so from that comparison, 7770 should give you 2x the performance boost for less power.
  14. Hi shamsmu.

    Thank you for your advice, Would this HD770 be ok forthe money -

    PowerColor HD 7770 GHz Edition 1GB GDDR5 DVI HDMI DisplayPort PCI-E Graphics Card

    Sorry for asking to many dumb questions, But would the HD7770 Run games like rfactor 2, Project cars, Battlefeild 3 - 1080P @ least 40 FPS or is that asking too much from the card ?

    Also am i really going to see a big differance in graphics from the 8800GT ?, as you say the 7770 is near on par with the 6850, but reveiws on youtue etc say the 6850 is alot better. (not to worried if the 6850 is alittle better - just hope to get a good performance out of the 7770)

    Thank you.
  15. well for the money, hd7770 would be great. But if your expecting to run battlefield 3 maxed ultra 1080p on that card, your expecting too much. Even my gtx580 used to struggle running the game at that setting and resolution and I had to turn down the setting a little. My gtx 670 is barely maintaining a steady 55-60fps. Unless you spend $400 on a gpu, it's be hard to run bf3, crysis2, metro2033 maxed out.

    the hd7770ghz edition should go on par with the hd6850 but draws a lot less power and has newer architecture so in time, it will get much better with newer drivers.

    this should give you an idea -
  16. Should add, does the 7770 need 1 PCiE 6Pin power connection ? if so i donot think my psu has one from what i ha been reading about it

    Do you think it might be better for me to buy a new PSU like a corsair 600W first, then i could maybe put a better graphic card in maybe ?

  17. Race Pro said:
    Should add, does the 7770 need 1 PCiE 6Pin power connection ? if so i donot think my psu has one from what i ha been reading about it

    Do you think it might be better for me to buy a new PSU like a corsair 600W first, then i could maybe put a better graphic card in maybe ?


    yes that would be good simply because i do not trust generic brand psu, get a corsair tx650 it should be able to power up any single gpu.

    and then get a hd6870/ gtx560ti/ hd 7850, maybe your cpu might bottleneck the gpu, get an aftermarket cooler and overclock it to 3.4ghz. That would be the best upgrade you can get.
  18. Just been doing some more reading, and found out that the 8800GT also needs a PCiE 6Pin power connection , So i must have onealready on my psu.

    I say about battlefeild 3 @ 1080p just to get an idea, Really I just want te PC for racing sims such as rfactor 2, Project cars and a few of the older sims like GTR evo, which i would hope to run @ meduim settings with shawdows/special effects turned off, plus i would play @ a lower resolution 1400 x 1200 or lower.

    So if the 7770 could do that and achive 40+ frames, that would be fine, as really i would prefer to just buy a gpu now, then a whole new system in 2-3 years.

    Also does it matter what size the screen is ? as I would want to play on 32" hdtv full screen but with a lower res th hd ?

  19. size of the screen won't matter, the resolution would. Your hd7770 would max out most of those games at 1080p...the only exceptions are battlefield3 , crysis 2, metro2033 and some other dx11 titles.
  20. Ok, Thanks for all you help/advice shamsmu.

    I will order the HD7770 today, hopefully should have it in a coulpe of days, will post back then with results.

  21. Did not order the Hd7770 in the end, I done alot more reserch on the psu, and found that the one i ave is cheap junk, So i have ordered the one you advice shamsmu, will now save for a nicer gpu.

    Just hope i can connect the psu ok, never done that before. Also i would plan the overclock the psu - is is hard to do so and/or would i need extra cooling fans for that ?

  22. installing the psu should be a piece of cake just connect the motherboard, cpu, gpu, dvd drive and hdd/fans and you should be set. For overclocking cpu, you would need an aftermarket cooler if you want to hit above 2.8-3.4ghz. A coolermaster hyper 212 +evo should do the trick.
  23. I should Have the Psu this week, I was looking at the make of the ram in the PC it is Patriot 4GB PC2-6400 800Mhz - is the good ram or do i need upgrade ?

    Also i had alook at the cooler you advice, and was looking at youtube videos to see how to install, looks straight foward, Just putting the cooler over the cpu, but as was looking at the ram, the was a fan already over the cpu (i presume this is a aftermaket cooler - as it was in the exact place i see on youtube where a cooler goes over the cpu)

    The fan is a Freezer Pro 7 AC - would this be enough to overclock ?

    Thank you.
  24. a coolermaster hyper 212 evo would be better and should be priced similar. If you want faster memory, then Im afraid you will have to change the Mobo+cpu as your mobo only supports ddr2 memory.
  25. I will have a look at the fan you suggested, but my PC already has The Freezer Pro 7 AC aftermaket cooler already installed - so wanted to know when i install the corsair 650W PSU + Freezer pro 7 fan - would that be enough to overclock to 3.0ghz - 3.4ghz ?

    About the ram, would it help if i put another 4GB in the PC - would i see a nice performance increase plus for around £100 would the HD 6870 be the best GPU for my price & system ?

  26. for ur 32'' hdtv hd 7770 is not the right choice if u r going 2 use it to play games...
    u should go with HD 6870 or gtx 560 non ti or ti version (abt 60 $ extra).
  27. Ok, thanks, which card is the better option - HD 6870 or 560ti ? like best value for money, which card would more likey to be bottlenecked etc ?

  28. the best option between those 2 is gtx 560 ti ....but hd 6870 is still gud if ur in d budget ..........if ur overclocking hd 6870 u c an get d performnce = to gtx 560ti
    By d way gtx 560( non ti) = hd 6870 ..........choose the 1 which costs less.........and also gtx 560 NON TI requires 450w power...........
  29. HI

    Going to buy a HD 6870 over the weekend, Anyone have any suggestions on which 6870 as they appear to have a few models...

    I were thinking this - Radeon HD 6870 OEM - 1 GB GDDR5 its priced around £120

    Or is there a better card i can get for £120 ?

    Thank you.
  30. i have a gtx 560 non-ti version (which i dont use anymore) but when i was still using it, i could play any game on ultra settings on a 1080p resolution, i would say that going with a 560 is probably better than going with a 6870, and in the near future, if you need to upgrade your system you can just buy another 560 and sli it. the 560 has a really nice scaling on sli, id say really close to double the performance. but of course a lot of these stuff are theoretical benchmarks on like heaven and 3dmark, rather than actual gameplay benmarks

    but if you arent willing to spend the extra money on the 560 i guess you can always go with the 6870,

    also if you want you can buy a 6950 and flash the bios to a 6970 bios, that works as well - but it voids your warrenty.
  31. I have a msi 560ti twin frozr ii OC edition with an aftermarket Accelero twin turbo II Heatsink and dual 92mm fans if you want to make an offer :lol:

    This is my third twin frozr II I picked up. I sold my other two that I had SLi'd and this third one i picked up for a great price and installed an aftermarket cooler. My GPU im using right now is a gtx 670 2gb so I do not have a use for the 560ti. Well, I can swap my GTX 280 in my HTPC for the 560ti, but the 280 is not a money maker anymore! :whistle:

    Anyway, I have a great 560ti laying around waiting to be played with!~
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