No sound from Radeon HD 5570

I have a W7 64 bit PC (HPE-519C) with a Radeon HD 5570 card that I cannot get audio from. No audio whatsoever.
I have my mancave A/V system connected to the card via HDMI. The picture is fine but no audio.
I am running XBMC and would really like some sound.

I recently went through updating the AMD RAID controller so I could get the functionality to monitor SMART info on my hard drives. Why AMD chooses to ship products with ancient drivers and then make the process of finding a new driver so difficult is beyond me but the kindest thing I can say about that process was that it was a major pain. I would be willing to purchase another card that actually worked if someone could point me in that direction. Not well versed in graphics cards.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. Make sure that the HDMI audio is selected as your default playback device in Control Panel/Sound.
  2. I did that and still there was no sound.
    I then updated the driver which included the Catalyst software. Restarted the PC and now the ATI HDMI device has a big red checkmark by it and when I go to the Device Manager thinking I might roll back the driver, there is no option to, everything is greyed out.

    Kinda strange.
  3. Uninstall the CCC and drivers using Control Panel / Programs and features. Even uninstall the games profiles if you use that as well.


    Reinstall latest drivers again. Check the outpput sound settings as stated above.

    The AMD website has older drivers available if that is the route you want, just avoid 12.4 as it misreports driver version installed
  4. What driver version you got there?

    Get the 12.1 version or older... Drivers before the release of HD 7000 Series.

    I'm having issues with 12.4 and 12.6... HDMI/DP Audio Driver installation Fails everytime.

    You can read some comments here about 12.6 HDMI driver issue...,16173.html
  5. Thanks for the replies.
    Unfortunately I'm not at my PC right now but will follow up tomorrow.
    I hope it's just a driver.
  6. Never hurts to run DriverSweeper as well before reinstalling.
  7. I guess I dont know what exactly to uninstall.

    I went to Programs and Features/Uninstall and found AMD Catalyst Install Manager listed. There was no Uninstall offered, well not directly as usual, but rather when I right clicked I was offered Change or Repair, I clicked Change and The Catalyst Install Manager v03.00.0859 started and gave me a list of components to uninstall:

    So I check everything? Then reboot into Safe mode and run DriverSweeper to clean up remnants?

    And then install 21.1 as found here:|-Vista-64-bit-driver-download-2846.html

    Please excuse my nearly complete ignorance, this is all kinda new to me.
  8. Obviously I meant install 12.1.
    Thats the most stable release...yes?
  9. Not sure about current driver but your procedure is spot on.
  10. Uninstalled existing CCC and installed 12.1. No difference.
  11. Yesterday after installing 12.1 my "playback devices" showed ATI HDMI Audio as working and marked as default though there was no sound. This morning I look and it is disabled, indicates its not plugged in:
  12. I've had enough...uncle!
    I've tried CCC 12.1, 12.3, 12.6 and they're all a mess. Every time I uninstalled CCC I completely lost functionality of my mouse. thank God for my ipad and a remote desktop app on it or I would have been in a jamb.

    Let me try this question...I dont play games on my PC mostly I'm interested in using it as an HTPC and occasionally I want to watch a 1080P movie, is that too much to ask?
    I have an HPE-519 PC with an AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1065T Processor a FOXCONN 2A92 Motherboard and 16GB of memory. I'm running W7 64 bit. My video card that is awfully uncooperative is an AMD Radeon HD 5570. Can someone suggest a video card that would work with this set up without me having to become an I.T. professional in my spare time?
  13. BTW, verify that the display's volume is actually turned up. Spent hours fighting with a system once and that was the cause of the "issue" I was troubleshooting.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion.
    That isnt a problem, at least I dont think so.

    This PC is connected to my Emotiva UMC1 pre/pro and for the last year I have been listening to my MP3 content through a fiber optic connection running from the motherboard. The playback device (when I right click the speaker icon and click on playback devices) is listed as Realtek Digital Output and when I set that as default playback it works as it should, I've got music in my mancave. When I switch the default player to ATI HDMI Output and switch my pre/pro to monitor that signal (coming from the HDMI card) I get nothing, no audio.

    I guess I'll just purchase a Boxee Box and be done with this headache. I have tried for a couple of years now to run XBMC from my PC and I almost get it configured, but never quite get there.

    I've gotta say I'm not a fan of the CCC!
  15. Have you tried to disable the on-board audio in the BIOS to see if the HDMI audio would work properly afterward? Work a shot to verify that the HDMI audio is actually working (or not) and would help focus the "fix" as a possible driver/resource conflict.
  16. Sorry about the delay in responding, life kinda got busy.
    I did disable on-board audio in BIOS and it made no difference.

    I have updated all drivers (except BIOS) and there is no difference.

    I still get video through the HDMI as I always have, just no audio. When I'm playing back a source, my MP3 player or even XBMC and I open audio devices the sound meter for the HDMI is bumpin like it should so it's receiving the signal from the application, just not sending it through.

    I think this is an AMD driver problem for the HDMI card, lots of posts at AMD about their Catalyst Control Center not working correctly, particularly the audio portion of the driver.

    Dont know what to do from here. Pretty frustrating to have an HDMI card that doesnt work. The most frustrating part is that I have long been an audiophile and the specifics about the capabilities of the card I have indicates that every format under the sun is supported to include DTS and DTS HD among others...I really like DTS so thats some pretty exciting stuff, except it wont play.
  17. If you connect the HDMI directly to your display, does it produce sound?
  18. Brilliant!
    Yep thers sound. No video but there is sound.
    I played a movie through XBMC and there was sound through my TV but no picture, well not the right picture, the display showed just my desktop and that was all, no icons, no folders, just the desktop.

    But definitely sound. So now I'm more confused than ever. I guess it's a problem with my Emotiva Pre/Pro?
  19. Yep, the problem is elsewhere. Verify the inputs/outputs on your A/V system. Sounds like a configuration issue there.
  20. I still think its a problem with the video card driver. When I open AMD Vision Control Center /Audio it indicates "Your displays do not support audio" and it actually lists my Emotive pre/pro (UMC-1)

    I posted on Emotivas site about this problem and got the following reply:
    Your problem is probably with your PC not the UMC.
    You need to ensure the UMC is powered on before the PC boots to allow the PC HDMI handshake to read the sound format options offered by the UMC.
    Go to SOUND in your control panel select HDMI and click the tab for supported formats. If none are supported, then this is your problem.
    I get this on my HTPC sometimes, but a PC re-boot always fixes the problem.

    It may be a handshake issue, or the AMD/ATI card driver which is fraught with problems.

    A Boxee Box is starting to look a lot more attractive.
  21. I rebooted my PC so a handshake could occur as the poster in the Emotiva forum suggested. No difference. No sound.

    Heres a screenshot of the AMD Vision ECC indicating that my displays dont support audio. I am running a movie through XBMC to my flatscreen. The video is fine, an exact duplicate of what I'm seeing on my PC.
    Of the 2 listed displays shown in the AMD Vision ECC, the UMC is my sound processor (Emotiva UMC-1). Believe me it supports audio. Why cant I get sound?
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    If it works directly, then it indicates a problem with the Emotiva or a cable issue. Have you swapped cables?
  23. You called it.
    Cable problem. Unfortunately my PC is about 55' away from my A/V center. I purchased this from Monoprice:
    which did not work.

    I switched to a 50' HDMI cable also purchased from Monoprice and it worked as it should. This is a first, never had a bad product from them.

    Thanks so much for trouble shooting my problem. If you're ever in the Dallas area the drinks are on me.
  24. Be careful. I come to Dallas often.

    Good luck!!!
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