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My CPU, Intel i5 3570k, is running at stock speeds with the stock cooler. When playing games, the temperatures are about 50 degrees Celsius, which I'm perfectly fine with. But when I render a video in Windows Live Movie Maker, the CPU hits full load and goes up to 70-80 degrees Celsius. Should I be concerned? I'm worried I'll burn out my CPU by rendering a video for about 30 minutes and having it sit that high for that long.
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  1. That's normal temps. It'll auto shutoff at 105C or so to save itself. It'll start to throttle at I believe 95C.
  2. Those temps are not anything to be worried about, but they do seem a bit high. Try putting in some new thermal paste.
  3. Depends on the room temp, but they aren't high for the stock cooler. It is pretty loud though so even a cheap $30 cooler like a 212 evo will be a lot quieter and temps will only go to the 50's.
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