Possibly a virus?

sry if wrong location to post this but this is on a home built rig :P and its a question about it.

ok i have the simple question of is this a virus?
i get it ocasionaly going to this site.(below image)
i go to this site daily on all of my computers but only this computer gets it.
i use Top Line
could it be that?
or does this mean i got a virus? i dont ever let this "Virus Detector"
that pulls up run.(because idk wth it is)
and if this is a virus how did ESET Smart security AV not detect it?


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site: grooveshark.com
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  1. If you HAVE to use that topline service, I recommend you do it only from one PC; there is no way these sites are 100% secure when they promise to pay you for surfing the web. How do you think they get their money? They have to sell the data to others or link you to other lowly websites.
    I would choose a PC that's easily repairable and I would use only that, with the understanding that I have a 90-100% chance of getting it infected and ending up having to clean it at least once a month.
    The main concert is to isolate that machine from the rest of your network, so read up on how to do that.
    For this particular case, the likelihood of your PC being infected is already sky-high. Proceed with the HDD low-level formatter of your choice (simple formatting does NOT erase the HDD), followed by the usual re-install of your OS and programs. Alternatively, you could try to begin by using a better AV (like Avast) and MalwareBytes on it and see if you can get rid of the malware on it. You may be able to prolong the agony for a while.
    Good luck.
  2. well ESET is a good AV is it not? and IDT its a virus/malware because it only shows on that site once every other day and not even that. so if it wasa virus wouldnt it pop up more often?

    and what is that site that is pulled up? it looks as if its in winXP setup so maybe thats a virus? because it use to be windows firewall that pops up. and it usualy only happens not when i go to that exact link
    its when i go to the playlists i have made on that site.

    also if its a virus what is the symptoms of it harming my computer?

    also ive never heard of .Biz for the end of a URL

    *edit* i ran malware bytes and it caught 1 thing......nothing bad only in DL section and it was something i knew i dled and now is gone. so that could not catch the "virus" but as i said how is it a virus if i only get it on 1 site ocasionly?
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