Fx4170 bottleneck asus hd7770

Hi Guys i have the AMD FX4170 cpu and the Asus HD7770 and i was playing BF:BC2 nd i was gettin 30fps. I checked my CPU usage at it was averaging at 70-90%!! This to me sounds like a bottleneck of my GPU...?

I was thinking of buying the fx8350? this surely make some kind of improvement?

How good are the fx 8350 CPU's? Are they compatible with the M5A 78L-M Motherboard?

Im a NOOB to all this as you probably can tell. go easy on me just wanna sort some terrible fps..

Any help is much appreciated

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  1. You would see more improvement with a GPU upgrade. The Radeon HD 7770 is a fairly lowend gaming GPU. Upgrade that GPU to at least a Radeon HD 7850 or 7870.
  2. FX4170 still can handle 7850

    i dount it can deliver performance for 7870....
  3. I See you got the fx8350. how do you find it? also.. how good are the 7870's? how many fps would i get and on what settings??

    thanks for your reply also! :)
  4. The 7870 will likely double your frame rates, possibly more.
  5. and thats with the fx8350 also??.. as i have been finding with the fx4170 i am gettin 80% avg gpu usage on my task manager?? seems high...!
  6. I don't think that your bottleneck is related to your CPU, it's related to the GPU. Take a look at the comparisons here: 7770 vs. 7850 7770 vs. 7870
  7. the 8350 is an excellent chip in price to performance. It tops the i7 980X and 2700K. All for about 70-100 bucks cheaper. But If you want want some decent frames go with a 7870 or 7850. The 8350 will certainly handle those two cards
  8. Cheeerrs i guess the way forward is to upgrade my gpu first then follow up with my cpu later if needed..

    Excellent help much appreciated :)
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