GPU-z says pci-e 1.1, gtx 680?

Heys hwats up guys, thanks for all the previous answers to my past questions. This is by far the most frustrating and most difficult one so far. Ok, here it goes. I just returned my 2 gtx 670's and i bought 1 gtx 680 (pny) because they had it in stock. I installed it and also installed the latest drivers and i downloaded gpu-z to check everything out. Under gpu-z it says that my card is running at "pci-e 1.1 x 16" when it should be at 3.0. Ive tried everything and i cant find an answer online at all. Ive tried the render test, I re-installed my gpu, I tried running benchmarks in the background, it stays at 1.1 in gpu-z. Is this normal or has anyone else encountered this problem? I have a brand new intel 3770k ivy bridge and a brand new msi gd-75 mobo. Its intels z77 platform which supports native 3.0 with ivy bridge cpu's. Actually almost everything ive bought says "gen 3, 3.0 usb, 3.0 pci-e" and yes, i went into my msi bio's and pci-e 3.0 has been enabled. If anyone could PLEASE help me i dont know what to do.I just want to run my gpu at pci-e 3.0 speeds, it wont even go to pci-e 2.0!
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  1. GTX 680 and 670 slow down the PciE link when 3.0 isn't needed...just showing the desktop does not even need PciE 2.0.

    You may see it show "pci-e 2.0 x 16" if you are running videos in the background...or multiple browser mine shows right now "pci-e 2.0 x 16@x16 1.1" with 20 tabs open...

    it should be at 3.0 x16 when its up near the TDP.
  2. wait... You gave up the power of two GTX 670s for a GTX 680? That is a downgrade D:
  3. LOL...unless you count the minimum frame rates....and depends what applications / games you use I would think...especially multi-monitor resolutions could be faster with SLI than one 680...
  4. sometimes GPU-z and also CPU-z figure out wrong information, try to re-install. always trust in BIOS info.
  5. Thanks, and to the 1st 2 comments I know it is kinda a downgrade, but i plan on getting a 2nd one in the near future as soon as they have them in stock. The 2 gtx 670's were AWESOME, and by the way I did re-install and that fixed it, it now shows pci-e 3.0 on gpu-z. I also tried plugging in the card a little more firmly so yeah Im a happy camper now. Thanks for the response!
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