OCZ ModXStream 700 watt PSU with SLI 670 GTX

My friend has the power supply mentioned in the title and a 670gtx, with a phenom II X6 1090t @ stock, 16gb 4x4 1600 corsair RAM, Seagate 1tb, 180gb intel ssd, and currently a Crosshair IV, that will be a crosshair V when he'd like to attempt sli. My other friend is building a pc and buying parts as he can and wants a 670, well we decided to sli them together just because lol just wondering with no cpu or gpu overclock would the psu be enough? I saw some say 800-850, and one post saying a 750watt would work without an oc
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    750w, with silver certified PSU

    make sure your psu provide native power pin cable to your 2 670
    if it doenst have enough cable. it means it is not ready to sli 670
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