Suggest me best graphic card for Dell optiplex 755 (Tower) psu 375w?

i have dell Optiplex 755 (Tower)
with configuration
Processor : core 2 due 3.0 GHz E8400
Ram :4 GB
Hard Drive : 250 GB
And PSU 375W Dell Model No l375p-00
Suggest me best Graphic Card For my PC
And can any one tell me NVIDIA Ge Force 450 this card can run on my PC
Also suggest
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  1. I have a Dell XPS with the 375w as well. After MUCH research I settled on a MSI PE/OC 6850. All worked well. I did not overclock on that machine. Didn't want to push my luck with the PSU. That said - all went well. Good Luck !!
  2. Thank you
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