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Hi all,
Been having a lot of trouble with my HP Pavilion m8530f so I've decided to go ahead and build a new comp. However, I think the hard drive is still fine, with all my stuffs on it, and I added a 450W antec Power supply a year ago and geforce 9800GTX about 4 years ago. Im ditching the motherboard, case, and ram for sure, was wondering what parts you think I should keep. Also, I'm looking for a cheaper build(600-700$) that can run new games, not neccessarily high quality but smooth. I'm thinking of keeping the power supply, ram, and/or video card to save money but they could be the problem and arent that great..

Here's the problems if it helps: powers up but doesnt show anything on monitor, originally started when it went into sleep/hibernate mode then got stuck when restarting one day. then worked for a while if I left it unplugged for a while then tried starting it, but that doesnt work now.. I did get it to turn on completely yesterday, but the usb wireless mouse/keyboard wasnt working and neither was the keyboard I plugged in; it was getting internet through my wireless usb stick. tried to restart and it didnt work. The time it did work, it had been off for a couple days as well as the surge protector, turned on sp then comp and was kind of holding a sata card that my hard drive is plugged into. the light on the sata card stayed on/ flashed when it normaly just goes on for a couple seconds then goes off, and the comp booted. since then, sata card light only goes on for a couple secs and comp doesnt boot. However... if i remove the 4 pin 12v ATX power from beside the processor, the light on the sata card stays on (no boot, but i dont think proc is getting pwr like this)

Anyway, any advice is appreciated, or if you know what might be wrong that would help alot too!
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  1. thx alot, it uses sataII i just had to put it through a pci card with sata ports b/c video card blocked them on MB.. sry i think i explained that wrong. could I use this hard drive? or maybe as a backup drive?
  2. you probably got a dead board.

    you will need a completely new system. the hard drive probably wont be useful unless its sata

    heres what i would get. if you do need a hard drive, i already included a 1tb drive
  3. I do like that build, beats the hell out of what i got now :)
  4. yes you can use that drive but you would probably want a new one

    you could use the drive that you have already as a back up drive. just copy all the files you need from the old hard drive to the new one
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