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Recently I have updated my sound card driver Creative sound blaster 5.1 vx . After installation I couldn't find the control panel of my sound card. Refer my attached windows 7 start panel. There is no control panel installed. Where can I find it..?

And I need this control panel

Thanks in advance.
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  1. have a look at your card and find the model number (not name) then go onto creative site and search downloads for Creative Console Launcher - You can get them to check your computer over the internet and they will give you the correct driver that way -or at least they did for me about 6 months ago when I built this PC and shoved in an old soundcard
  2. This Control pannel is for Creative sound blaster X-fi and not for Creative sound blaster 5.1 vx
  3. Tamil Arasan said:
    This Control pannel is for Creative sound blaster X-fi and not for Creative sound blaster 5.1 vx

    But I have already installed with this type of control panel..But it is an unofficial version. It is released by some tech guy..I think I have downloaded that from this forum only. I need that version.
  4. one thing is the default win7 creative audio control panel (which is the same basic function as the former) other thing is the audio console which is the one you are refering to. This one is only installed from the creative factory drivers or the hardwareheaven´s pax drivers. If you did either and it doesnt show up I can tell you from experience uninstalling all traces and reinstalling will fix but is a royal pia
  5. and btw both audigy, platinum and titanium do have the same audio console module
  6. I just recently had to reformat my computer and I'm experiencing the same issue. I now have a weak looking control panel

    But for the longest time it looked like this

    How do I revert it back to the better looking Control Panel?
  7. its not called control panel, its the audio console - an application that resides inside the official creative drivers. Also look for the pax drivers for your sound chipset in hardware heaven forum site, you can install all in one go, yours would be the platinum ones as per stated on your photo (xfi)
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