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So I think I'm about to order an EVGA 670 FTW card but it drives me crazy that the GEFORCE GTX logo is in green. The rest of my build is nothing but black and red. Anybody have any sweet ideas on how to mod the card, or know of any way to paint the letters or maybe get custom decals for it?

I'm too picky :D
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  1. just peel the whole sticker off and clean it with some goo gone or acetone
  2. the FTW 670 doesn't have a sticker on the side I'm talking about. it's got raised lettering that is green in color.
  3. where is the raised lettering? that thing on the front of the big plastic cooler shroud is a sticker as far as I can tell...

    EDIT: nvm you're talking about on top of the card.... just sand it and paint it whatever color you want (you should definitely remove the cooler first so little pieces of plastic don't fall inside it)
  4. Gothams Finest said:

    Didn't order it yet. Just was thinkin about it real serious like. Have a evga 570 hd 2.5gb right now and in my small case it spits too much heat into it to add another 570 for sli. The 670 FTW seems like the card I want as far as power/features/cooling. Just green is yuck. But I guess performance is more important than the innards of the case. After all I'll spend more time looking at the framerate of the game then I will looking through my cases side window while playing.
  5. you could just touch it up with a fine paint brush and acrylic paint...
  6. slhpss said:
    you could just touch it up with a fine paint brush and acrylic paint...

    Might be able to. Don't want to hurt resale value though. Maybe I could find like a decal sheet in red and just trace out the letters and cut them with an exacto knife to fit perfectly. Hmmm..
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