hi there im new to this site as a member, i have found these forums very usefull in the past and now im stuck and need help with a question, Is it possible to modify your case so that your PSU air intake fan is pointing toward the top of the case? i have looked at PC case mods on yo-utube and go-ogle and can not find anything on this topic.

if so and i do manage to rotate the PSU will it be sufficient, my current setup isnt as i have a CPU cooler and it is resting against the PSU intake fan. Please help any advice is helpfull

thankyou :)

PS the dash between the site reference is just incase of advertising purposes, dont want to get banned on my first day hehe
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  1. Just to ask, but why do you want to do this? This would pull cool air into the PSU to be blown out the back of the PSU (if I understand your intent) and will not help pull warm air from your system.

    Please explain.
  2. hi there, what my problem is, is that i have an arctic-cooling CPU heatsink and the position it is in is resting on the intake fan on the PSU, Sometimes when i boot my PC i can hear the PSU fan Stressing and im not to content with that and dont know what damage it could be doing, plus the only warm air that it could be taking out of the case is straight from the CPU cooler which is blocking the PSU fan anyway
  3. What case are you using? Also, what heatsink?

    Technically, you could certainly use something like a dremel to cut out a hole in the top of your case and then flip the PSU. You would then have your heatsink right against the top (now bottom) of your PSU and airflow would be impeded.
  4. yes i understand that but, it would free the fan from the stress and potentialy take away the danger of my PSU being damaged, also i looked into the dremel technique and was thinking about putting a 120mm blue LED fan on the top of the case to counter-act the psu being flipped, would this work?, also i could move the motherboard but it will decrease the space between the GPU and the bottom of the case causing airflow to the GPU to decrease, im in abit of a no WIn situation :/
  5. Technically, if your power cables are long enough, you could simply make your PSU an external device...

    Sure, adding a 120mm fan to a "blow hole" on the top or on the side could help with additional airflow.
  6. thanks for the advise :)
  7. Have you considered a new case that would alleviate your cramped situation?
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