Added a H60 liquid cooler, now computer will not boot

I purchased the h60 and installed it and upon initial start up the pump wouldn't come on so I shut it down. I hooked the pump straight to molex then turned on again. The pump started working, but now I get no signal to screen and the debug L.E.D shows FF? Msi states that FF code means cpu or motherboard not functioning. I pulled the cooler off and thought I'd try reseating the cpu and now realize that I think it fused my cpu to the motherboard socket? Really, is that all it takes to fry a cpu? Has anyone had this problem with a liquid cooler? For some reason the pump wouldn't kick on when plugged into a fan header on the first boot and now corsair states that its my fault and that the fan header wasn't working is my error, when in fact it does work. I plugged a fan into it to check it and it does work. Is there a possibility it may be something else? I lifted the arm up on the socket and the cpu will not lift out, does that mean it's fused or could it be wedged in it and I need to use something to gently pry it out with? Someone help please.
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  1. G into motherboad bios and set it to not monitor the cpu fan spped and try to re-boot, also CU's hat have been installed for a little while tend to stick in the socket, Genly pop it of the motherboard.Ra1958
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