So I have an AMD-8350 and I get high under load temperatures when running games even with 3 120mm fans, and it's loud. Very loud. Drives me nuts.

But it's probably a fault of mine for using the stock cooler.

Anyways. I am wondering if a Corsair H55 will be able to handle on the heat this processor generates and give me room to OC, probably only to 4.5ghz.

Link is here for the item...


If anyone has better ideas on how I should approach this problem please do tell? I would prefer to stay in the price range of below $80... If that's possible
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  1. Hello Skurtov. I have also purchased the AMD-8350 and have had issues with noise. I bought a new case which contained an exhaust fan (extracts all hot air out the case) because the heatsink fan doesn't like to have hot air surrounding it so it blows at overload and its rpm increases. However, I never seemed to have any trouble with temperature, I'm running on turbo at 4.2ghz and when my cpu is idle it stays at around 30 degrees and when gaming about 40 degrees. The best solution for you is to think about getting a new heatsink or invest in a water cooling block and radiator, this will give you plenty of room to overclock to 4.5ghz +.
  2. Hey man, I recently got the 8350 as well and yes it is quite noisy, but I have no fans running and just the stock heat sink and it stays under 45 C at all times even when I'm running League of Legends and streaming it at max settings. I would suggest getting a new case. I just got a Broadway Com Corp A5938-Series A5938-Blue Glossy for $50 w/ shipping on ebay.
  3. if u want something to cool ur OC
    in my experience the Noctua D14 is quite a GooD Cooler and is "Silent" and u can get it for 79.99$

    but if u prefer Water Cooling Kits ( i do :P ) then i would suggest no less than a H100 ... ( cooling efficiency is on par with the D14 but ur gonna have to pay a little more )





    if u don't mind the weight if the D14's Heatsink on ur CPU Socket and ur MB then go for the D14 , it cools as well as a H100 , and is ~25$ less ( depending on where u get it from )
    but since i DO mind the HeatSink's weight i would recommend that u go for a ClosedWCKit like the H100 or the H100i
  4. Hey man I was just sitting on my computer doing some work for a client and I just hear my 8350 being loud like normal. I thought about your question and getting a new heat sink will make it a lot quiter and cooler. If you think about it the processor itself does not make any noise to my knowledge therefore the Heatsink making the racket.
    Best Of Luck
  5. Hey, so quick question. I made my computer over the holidays and put a good amount. I finally got my second graphics card and now its acting up on me. Had the microsoft explorer not responding while playing games and noises. I've been trying to keep an eye on cpu and gpu temps, but I don't get a good look before it crashes. I only have a stock pcu cooler. Here's my build: Antec 1100 Case// AMD FX 8350 Black CPU// 4x4Gb Kingston Hyper X RAM// Asus 990 FX A UD3 Mother Board// 2x Gigabyte Radeon HD 7770 1Gb Crossfire Graphics Cards// 120 Gb SSD// Baracuda 1 Tb// Corsair 750W Bronze 80+ Power Supply. Thanks a lot guys
  6. I think many of the people reporting heat/fan problems with the 8350 would have had no problems with either a non stock cooler ... but if building a new PC with the 8350 ... buy a really well made case with front/rear and perhaps top fans. Air flow internally over your mobo and also you cpu makes all the difference. i bought Corsair Obsidian Series Black 550D. It comes with three 120mm fans, two front monted intake fans and 1 rear exhaust. AND there's vents at top rear to add 2 more fans if needed. However, the stock amd 8350 cpu cooler combined with these 3 fans keeps the cpu running very cool as the ambient air temp never rises. Lastly the D550 is probably the best sound-proofed case you can find ... thats why its name is the "quiet case"... I got mine for $130 but read about it to see why its a good choice: http://www.corsair.com/obsidian-series-550d-mid-tower-quiet-case.html
  7. I have an 8350 and was experiencing a lot of heat and noise with the stock cooler. Without OC I upgraded my cooler to the hyper 212 evo with two cougar vortex fans. I also changed the top fan on my case(elite430) above the push fan on my cooler to an intake fan to bring in cool air for my CPU and then I have an exhaust fan at the rear behind the pull fan on the cooler to get all of the hot air out. If I am to trust coretemp readings I typically max out at 45c under gaming load with roughly 76F ambient. Also the noise on my rig is way down from the stock cooler. I would suggest more than the hyper 212 evo for a high OC, but for my purposes currently it is working out great. You could probably run in turbo without problems but if you want a real overclock you may as well go with a more serious cooler.
  8. hi purchased a h55 from scan computers uk in feb 13 with new m/b graphics card power supply etc
    after a short time i started to notice issues ie blue screen of death. freezing screen failure of graphics etc.
    on opening the case i found LEAKS FROM THE PUMP CASE OF THE COOLER witch had run down the motherboard into the pcie slot then down to the bios battery.

    after contacting scan i was told it was out of the 28 day returns policy and i would have to deal with corsair direct after several days and still no return from corsair its time to spread the word WATCH OUT FOR LEAKS THIS COOLER LOOKS LIKE ITS COST ME A MOTHERBOARD GRAPHICS CARD ETC BE WARNED

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