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So I have recently received my funding for my new build. However, I have an issue where there is no power to the mobo unless I use the old paper clip method. Slight problem there. Bigger problem is that the computer powers off after the removal of the paperclip. Suggestions? Everything is brand new, list below:

GIGABYTE Z77 Motherboard
Ultra Pro LSP 650W
Radeon HD 5850
Kingston HyperX 2x4GB
Intel Core i5-3550
Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB HDD

Help please, you guys are always awesome.
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  1. I would reseat the power supply leads to the motherboard (remove and reinstall all the leads to the board, optical and hardrives. Do this with the power supply unplugged. When you plug it in, notice if any motherboard lights come on; most newer boards have an indicator light when the board is receiving power. Also be sure your ps toggle switch is in the - position (on the back). Get rid of the paper clip. Finally, be sure your case leads (power switch, power led, reset, etc) are positioned correctly on the correct pin cluster. It's a common mistake.
  2. All of this was taken care of, random 1 in a million of back to back mobo mistakes, I am up and running now with a brand new mobo. thank you anyway for your attempt.
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