New case, best balance of performance/noise?

Hi, looking for a new case to replace my Lancool K62. I want to get something a bit more on the quiet route, so I'm looking for a better balance between the two than what I have. I understand this purchase is very much a "side-grade" but I am still looking for the best I can get within realistic spending amounts. $200 for a case is absolutely fine if a near perfect one would exist, but I haven't found any yet that suit my ideas. Mid tower is heavily preferred.

Fractal Design - Define R4
Good aesthetics, good performance balance; P280 beats it in most reviews it seems.

Bitfenix - Ghost
Good aesthetics, good performance balance.

Antec - Solo II
Good aesthetics, worst cooling performance, best quiet performance; Probably too much down the silent route?

Antec - P280
Meh aesthetics, best performance balance?

Looking for opinions on any or all cases. None of my hardware will be changing except possibly lowering my CPU clock a bit to make it work during the summer for a 24/7 permanent solution as a whole.
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