Inno 3d GT 440 2 GB DDR3

I have got a new gpu Inno 3d GT 440 2 GB DDR3, before buying i thought that it will be enough to play high quality games like GTA iv and etc. now i am having issues with this graphic card i got so many lags in gta iv on very low settings and battlefield 3 as well. i just wanted to know that there is any problem in my gpu or something.

My system specs are:

HP dc5750 Small formfactor pc
AMD athlon 64 x2 dual core processor 4800+
Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
2 gb of RAM
Power supply is 240 watts ( i am afraid that the problem is the power supply because the recommended power supply for this gpu is ( 300 watts)

I just want discussion on this gpu that this gpu is worth of it or not!!

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  1. That's a lower end gaming card, but you got the DDR3 version, not the GDDR5 which makes it a lot slower. Plus your CPU and RAM are not up to par to run new games.

    You should upgrade all 3. 4 if you count the need for a better power supply to run a better card.
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