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Critique and Input for my New Rig, Pls

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August 22, 2012 6:16:26 PM

lookin for advice and thoughts on a new build.

the main goal of this system is to game (BF3, etc), rip/edit/burn movies, and some light Vid/Aud/Photo editing. the idea i'm working on is to have a good quality system which allows me to add multiple crossfire/sli cards over time once 120hz monitors come down in price... one card and 60hz 1080p monitor now, but eventually 3 120hz monitors and 4 GPUs. i'd like to OC the CPU quite a bit, slightly on the GPUs if temps allow, and tweak the RAM.

CPU: Core i5-3570K ...

Mobo: Gigabyte G1.Sniper 3 ...

GPU: Gigabyte HD 7950 ...

RAM: Corsair Veng LP 1600Mhz (2x8gb) ...

PSU: Corsair HX850 ...

SSD: Corsair Force GT 120gb ...

HDD: WD Cav.Black 1tb ...

Optical: Lite-On 12 BD-R ...

Case: Corsair 650D ...

CPU Cooler: Corsair H100 ...

Fans: Delta 120x38 (x2) ...

Xigmatek 120x25 (x3) ...

= $1600 +/- after combos, rebates and shipping (already own the WD HDD).

i plan to mod the case some... the 200mm top fan will be in the bottom, leaving room for the H100 with 2 Xigmatek's on top and 2 Delta's under in push/pull. the last Xigmatek will just replace the rear OEM fan. both 3.5 trays will come out completely, and i'll mount the SSD/HDD and a fan controller i already own into the 5.25 bays.

i'd like to run 3 120hz monitors in games like BF3 @ 120fps on Ultra eventually... they (monitors) just cost too much right now at $390ea, plus i'd need to drop $ on enough GPU horsepower at the same time.

ideas? suggestions? thx in advance!

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August 22, 2012 6:23:53 PM

I think you got robbed on the H100, since a $20 hyper 212 does the same job. You should have also gone with an Nvidia card. Other than that looks good!
August 22, 2012 6:26:50 PM

Oh wait you haven't bought this yet? Then yeah get the hyper 212 evo, and the 660 ti or 680 GPU.
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August 22, 2012 7:17:18 PM

DarkOutlaw said:
...get the hyper 212 evo, and the 660 ti or 680 GPU.

i know the 212's have been pretty great, but you think it'll keep cool at 4.5+ Ghz? i've never tried that high on air, so i really have no idea.

i'm not an AMD or nVidia fanboy, and i had originally wanted the Gigabyte 670 for the lower power draw... but seems like the HD79xx's did better at high resolutions on Tom's benchmarks from what i remember. i dunno if that's due to the 384 vs 256bit mem interface, or the extra 50% RAM, or something else completely... will that be an issue when i add monitors?

August 22, 2012 7:52:29 PM

My Hyper 212+ (yeah, its not an evo either :p ) keep my clock stable @ 4.6 without any issues. Almost hit 4.7, but didnt like how much voltage it took. Temps peak at 70c after a few hours of prime95 blend, if that. Plus it will be 100% quiter than that H100. It is suppose to sound like a 747 taking off. Slap a 2nd fan on there for push/pull and you will have a great overclock with alot less hassle. Plus if the Hyper 212 ever breaks you wont hose down your system in coolant or over heat your CPU so much and so fast it might just burn your chip out.

I know more about everything else and less about GPUs. I know the 660 ti comes in a 3GB model, and I know it trades blows with the 7950. but if you save almost $100 on a CPU cooler, you could spend that to get an even bigger GPU, which I think you would enjoy alot more. I know alot of games run better with Nvidia. I know BF3 runs better with an Nvidia card. You could possibly afford the 680 because of this, and the 680 trades blows with the 7970. Generally I go by this chart, which shows the 670 to be better than the 7950 in overall performance, and I consider the 660 ti to be 4% less than the 670. I would definately go 660 ti over 670.

Graphics Hierarchy

Edit: Keep in mind that Ivy Bridge get a bit hotter than Sandy Bridge, but the H100 isn't going to change your clock. If they Hyper 212 can't do it, then the H100 will not be able to do it either. You should be able to hit 4.5, but all chips are different, and all require different amounts of voltage. You should be just fine to reach 4.5, but just remember there are never any guarentees with overclocking.
August 22, 2012 7:56:59 PM

Me personally, I plan on buying an EVGA GTX 660 ti overclocked @ $309 if I can afford it around xmas time. Depends how generous I am this year with other people. I know you can overclock yourself but that isnt something I would care about, especially if i can just pay them $10 to do it.
August 24, 2012 6:00:38 PM

interesting points, Outlaw, thx. i think you've talked me out of watercooling. i'll have to watch for that 3gb 660ti and see how it does :D 
August 25, 2012 3:28:37 AM

Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of water cooling, but water cooling the right way. A real water cooling system will cost about $200-$400. I'd love to have it, but I just can't justify spending that much just for benchmarks. Even the best water cooling systems built out there are normally run at 4.5ghz.