GeForce 9800GT still better than most integrated gfx chips?

I'm trying to decide what to salvage from my old computer for a new budget gaming PC. Its been a while since I've bought any hardware and am out of touch with all the new tech these days. I don't want to get a new video card yet, but I'm wondering if I should just toss my aging GeForce 9800GT if there are better on-board gfx processors on any of the newer motherboards out there. Eventually I'll want a new graphics card, but its not in the budget for this summer.
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  1. Yes, the 9800 GT is a lot better than integrated graphics for gaming. But, for video transcoding and such (intel's quick sync) CPU is better.
  2. OP, please tell me you're joking. Probably one of the best cards ever made in terms of price to performance ratio, not to mention that it works perfectly in my single-slot mini-itx machine. SOOOOOOO BEAST.

    No integrated graphics, so far, shall beat the 9800gt. The APUs from AMD are the closest, and they do have DX11, but their overall power is still less than that of a 9800gt.
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    This link shows a comparison of Geforce, Radeon, and integrated Intel:,3107-7.html

    As you can see, the 9800GT is far and away better than Intel's Ivy Bridge 4000 series integrated graphics.
  4. Heh I wasn't joking at all, just haven't paid any attention to video cards or computer components in general since I bought the card. Glad to hear I made a wise purchase 4 years ago! Would like DX11 support eventually but I'll just pick up a new card in a bit when I find a crazy sale.
  5. 9800GT will still blast most of the sub $80 cards today. Only when you get to the GTS and GTX series from nvidia will you find a good match for it. I can't really compare AMD as I fail to know their specs, but anything less than a x67x or x75x series should be worse than a 9800gt.
  6. If you do ever wish to get rid of your 9800gt, please PM me as I will be extremely glad to buy it. I absolutely love these cards.
  7. Will do, but based on your high praise I may be holding on to it for a while longer than I expected :)
  8. The 9800GT's are still pretty beastly cards, and actually have somewhat of a cult following. I collect these old G92 and G80 Nvidia cards, and they are just awesome. They were pretty much the pinnacle of raw horsepower when they were released, and are still better than anything integrated today.
  9. These are some of my favorite cards. Not only they are faster than any igp but also hard to beat for the price by current generation cards below $100 from nvidia when retail.

    The 1GB editions rock in most gaming and they handle many of the newer games pretty decently.
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  11. Bad news - my 9800GT turns out to be fried :( Maybe something shorted out while my hard drive was failing and I was trying to diagnose the problem. In any case I need to get a new video card earlier than anticipated...
  12. It had a good run :) Any suggestions for a replacement at under $100? Post 'em at my new thread:
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