Phenom II 965 BE heating problems

I've been seeing some constant ridiculous temps of at LEAST 48c idle at all times and under load maybe like 55c?. As far as i'm concerned these temps should not be happening in the slightest, especially with an after market cooler.

Now I do have it OCed at 4 ghz but I haven't even raised the core voltage at all and seems to be stable ( though I haven't done say an over night prime95 test or anything)

I figured it had to be the thermal paste so I took it off,cleaned it, and reapplied my own and made sure the water block was in there nice and tight but it still idles at around 47-49c at all times.

I know this ain't normal and i'd like to get some opinions on the matter.

thank you.
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  1. So I think I may have miraculously fixed it. I went into the bios to check the voltages and I saw it was set at 1.45 volts. Thought it was kinda low so I bumped it up to 1.5 and lo and behold my temps dropped by like 25 degrees.

    I don't much understand it but there it is. Could I maybe get an explanation to why this worked lol.
  2. Ok well apparently that was a temporary fix. As if now these ridiculous temps are back and I don't know why. I'm starting to think it's the pump itself that's faulty and I may have to send it back for a new one.

    If ANYONE has had this type of problem and fixed it, please, don't hesitate to help out.
  3. Bumping up the voltage does nothing but make it run hotter!!

    I know the 965 comes with pretty high stock voltage, you could easily get it down to 1.3875v on stock clock, I've got it to that with an OC at 3.8

    So maybe you could lower it even more at stock.
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