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I recently purchased a new video card for my pc so I had to buy a new power supply with it. Everything works perfectly. Unfortunately sometimes when the PC is under heavy load the fan will go crazy loud for about 2 seconds every minute or so. My guess is that the case is getting too hot so the fan goes crazy venting it out then when its cool it chills out. I would prefer it just keep a balance instead of being annoying every few minutes. Any suggestions?

PC is an HP h8-1214 only upgrades have been the PSU mentioned and the Nvidia GTS 450 (overclocked)
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  1. Improving case ventilation would be the only thing you could do.
  2. Ive been working on trying to improve the ventilation. The PSU sucks air in from the top but its not all that much until it kicks into being crazy loud for a few seconds. Then I have the stock fan pushing air out the bottom. I feel like that would be better in reverse tough. I also bought a PCI exhaust fan that I can put above my video card but after some thought isnt that going to make a kind of low pressure zone where the fan build into the video card is gonna have a harder time getting air to the video card? Been looking around a bit but I cant find a better solution.
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