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i recently had partitioned off my hard drive into 3 separate primary partitions and installed three different customized versions of windows 7. all was good up until i decided that one of them i was testing i didn't really want and had a feeling that i might have gotten compromised by a virus or one of their various malicious derivatives. so i reformatted the windows 7 partition in question and installed windows 7 ultimate (retail version) and now i can't boot into the other two versions of windows 7, however the drives are represented in my computer under thrive letters but i no longer have the option to pick my operating system. can anyone please help????? or if it is easier maybe someone could shed some insight as to how i could get some saved passwords and other bookmarks and such saved in Firefox and chrome.
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  1. Chet

    Your best bet is to download EasyBCD and use it to add the other two installations to your boot menu. Your other two installations are probably fine and dandy; just missing from the boot menu that the last installation built (although they should be there).

    Sorry, I use EasyBCD so infrequently that I can't give directions, but I managed to do it reading the instructions on the site.

    Finally, are you doing backups? I would have done a whole-disk backup before wiping the partition and re-installing. That way I have the option of putting everything back to the way it was, just in case.

    Good luck
  2. thats it thats the program i have been racking my brain over. yeah you make a good point but luckily for me i tend to store the majority of my files externally and use portable apps whenever i can. but yea like you implied it is rather cumbersome especially just getting the windows updates. yeah when i used parted magic to explore the partition everything seemed to be in place. well i appreciate your response and will let you know how it turns out. have a good day Wy.
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