PS2 keyboard not working

Hi everyone,

I recently got a new PC. It has a gigabyte ga-b75m-d3h motherboard. The machine does not start up properly.

It reaches the image of the motherboard while booting and has a few options displayed. I am unable to input any choices with my keyboard. I tried another PS2 keyboard and that didn't work either. They are both working keyboards. The motherboard has a single PS2 port for a keyboard OR mouse.

I think it isn't detecting the keyboard. There is power supplied to the keyboard (Num lock is on), but none of the keys respond. Are older keyboards unable to work with the new motherboard?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    try borrowing a usb keyboard so you can check the bios for an enable ps2 option.
  2. I've found out the problem. The new motherboard accepts a 4 pin PS2 keyboard, while still accepting a 6 pin PS2 mouse. They do accept USB for either though. Also, a USB 1.1 device like printer etc can cause trouble starting when the mobo is made for USB 3.
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