Best Possible Gaming PC for $1000

Give or take a few dollars of the $1000 budget what is the best possible gaming pc for this budget. Currently I just have an old desktop I tossed a graphics card in a friend gave me.

How much better would this pc be compared to this:
6gb ddr2
HD 5770
Core 2 duo e7400 - 2.8ghz

Not sure exactly what other specs that has and im not with it right now to check.
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    you can overclock this rig and do crossfire in the future.

    if you need windows, add another hundred or get it from this guy
  2. Thanks for the quick replies guys. I wont be needing windows that is already taken care of. I just need the actual computer.

    I'm curious as to the differences between the two cards you both suggested and what how big of a difference adding a SSD will be. Also i will most likely be adding another 1tb drive to the build because I have one already available and have a lot of video files. How will that effect the power supply situation, will I need to go bigger?
  3. there isnt too much of a difference. his is a higher performing card overall but a hotter running card since it is a reference design. i dont think that spending 100 dollars for 5-10% more performance is worth it in this case

    you will have to reinstall windows on the SSD as the hard drive you are using wont have the license. windows is tied to the mobo instead of the hard drive. you can addd your older hard drive into the new rig

    SSDs just make the system feel faster in every way. loads and boots everything way faster than a hard drive in raid 0 can achieve

    the power supply that we both recommend can allow you to overclock the rig and do crossfire in the future. its enough
  4. Ok thanks. I don't know much about graphics cards that is why I asked. I would say you are right 5-10% more performance is not worth $100.

    I'm still wondering if the added boost of the ssd is worth it. It does sound nice though.

    I have a fresh copy of win 7 64 available already.
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  6. it is. 10-20sec boots vs 50-75 sec boots is totally worth it. a SSD can even revive old computers and make it feel new
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