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So, i wish to buy a laptop sometime this week from a lot of people have said its a very trustworthy site and good quality. I'm also looking to buy a decent laptop, one that can power games of high quality such as crysis, metro 2033 so get my drift i hope :) anyway, my cheapest option for a DECENT graphics card is a 1GB Geforce GT 650M, which i know in't fantastic..but seems to offer quite a bit of quality for value...what i wish to know is if i was to purchase a graphics card such as the 650m, what kind of CPU will give me the best efficiency out of the graphics card for the lowest will buying an i3 intel processor do the job instead of forking out the extra for an i5, or will paying the extra make a good difference?

Having said this i may be swayed to go the extra distance as im paying monthly for 12 months (as its interest free). So if i am swayed i may be poised to buy one of the GTX options, i think the options are the GTX 660, 670 and 675. But im unsure...

So please any answers towards the GT 650m would be much appreciated, ands if anyone could suggest what processor would compliment the GTX cards that would also be very much appreciated.

Thanks a lot.
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  1. If you want to game on high settings with a laptop I wouldn't get the one with the GT650m. Infact you should be looking buying a gaming laptop or a desktip since they are cheaper.

    Cheaper to upgrade and maintain. Where some laptops you cannot upgrade at all unless it is a high end or gaming. I will link you to some of the laptops you should be looking at and see if that place sales them.

    The GTX's are the best in laptops and desktops. The laptop runs hot all the time and needs to be on a cool matt while playing games. So the better the laptop and GPU in it is the way to go.

    Here is a link to the hierarchy of the GPU's plus if you need to know what CPU get the i5 one since you will need it for the games you want to play. On the site below are some of the best laptops around.

    Use the site to help figure out what type of laptop to get and then see if the people you are buy one from will sell you one that is like it or the actual one. Good luck to you and cheers.,3107-7.html
  2. +1^

    I would essentially get a laptop with an i5 or higher and anything higher than a 650m.
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