How much more can my PSU take?

I currently have a antec 25 650w PSU

My rig is a Broadway Com Corp A5938-Series A5938-Blue Glossy and filled w/

AMD fx8350 Processor w/ Stock heatsink
Sabertooth fx990
Cosair Vengance 16gb 1600 Ram
Radeon 6770 Core Edition GFX Card
7200 RPM 1TB HDD

I was wondering about how much of my PSU I was using because I have no running fans on my case and my mobo is getting hotter then I want it to get (55 C when running League of Legends at max settings and streaming). I want to add fans, but don't know how much power they use/how much power I have left. Thanks in advance for the feedback :D
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  1. You have plenty of spare power. Fans take virtually nothing. You could add dozens with no problem. Why you have no fans is the real question.
  2. Thank you so much for the feedback :D

    The reason I have no fans on is because the front fan that came with my case would not connect to my PSU properly so I left it off and watched my temperatures to see if anything was getting too hot and if it was I would of turned everything off and ran to the store. But since it was not overheating and not a big deal I didn't stress it. Now that I have more money I want to invest in a few fans I didn't know if I would need more power or not.
  3. Cool, enjoy!
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