1GB GDDR5 vs. 2 GB GDDR3

I'm going to be purchasing parts for a new build soon but I was stuck on the graphics cards. I'm considering two cards, both Radeon HD 6670, but one has 1 GB GDDR5 ( ) and the other 2 GB GDDR3 ( ). I'm leaning towards the 2 GB one but I wanted to ask here to make sure which is better.

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  1. The 1GB is better by a long shot.
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    The GDDR5 1GB is MUCH better. 2GB on a 6670 is just a marketing play and a way for the manufacturers to get rid of old GDDR3 memory.

    The 6670 is not fast enough to use 2GB memory anyways.
  3. 1gb ddr5 is better. 2gb is absolutely worthless on a card in this range.
  4. 1 GB or 2 GB doesn't really matter, but GDDR 5 vs GDDR 3...well, that matters much:D
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