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Hi I was wondering if having an older monitor would affect gameplay or visuals while gaming. Why I ask is that I have an old-ish LCD monitor. Max resolution on it is 1440x900. Games look great on it because I have a pretty good rig. Though looking at some of the newer games such as Diablo 3, not sure if quality of picture is the best because its older and not high quality as today's monitors. Also another thing, could FPS be affected by monitor or just soley from video card?
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  1. FPS is only affected by the GPU, but how many ms response time does your LCD have?
  2. not entirely sure how to check it or check the specs of the monitor itself
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    Diablo has a isometric perspective also, it's a game that doesn't really need high graphics.

    FPS is determined mostly through the GPU. But, games do need a combination of CPU and GPU.
  4. Fantastik is right, but if you have big time response, your command will be slow , for example when you press W to walk ahead, you won't go instantly, but in less than a second, but still, not instantly:D
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