Do I have enough power?

So my computer is just randomly shutting down. Temps are fine. Recently started using SLI but I dont know that that is the issue.
Im wondering if people think I have enough power because thats the only thing i can think of.

/mobo-MSI z77-GD65/ I5 3570k at 4.2/ 32g Ram at 1600/ 2x GTX670 in SLI/ one 7200 HHD/ one SSD/ H100 cooler/ lets say about 8 fans, 6 120mm 2 240/ corsair 600t case/ win 7 64 bit/ PSU-TX750M (750w)/
EDIT: Not sure if this matters but I'm on 1 27 inch 2560x1440 monitor and one 24 inch 1920x1080

It only shuts down during heavy gaming. If its not the power supply what could it be? If 750W is not enough how much do i need?
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  1. Sounds like the PSU if you are POSITIVE temps are fine at shutdown. Are you using GPUz's log and checking ALL the temps? . can you find another PSU to try? Checked the PSU its not over heating and Getting good airflow?

    Your PSU should be enough but could be faulty.
  2. Using my second screen to watch the data im getting from the cpu and gpus. They look like they are doing great temp wise. It seems to only happen at really intense moments of game play. GPUz is giving me good temps. I still have around 50c headroom temp wise on the cpu and about 40 on the gpus. I dont know whats going on.
    Ive tried a few other games now like metro 2033, crysis 2, and using nvidias A New Dawn tech demo and I get reasonable frames for the set up. It has only crashed from BF3 but i have not tested enough to say for sure that BF3 is the only cause. Maybe BF3 has crazy power spikes.

    Is there any way to monitor system power draw in software? I know of the hardware models and I'm not interested.
  3. Could be an unstable video card. Are your gpu's overclocked? Try scaling it back. If not you might try bumping the voltage and seeing if it helps. You PSU should be enough.
  4. It could very easily be just BF3. you may want to look into that.

    As an example, with bad company 2, and only bad company 2 mine would crash. Every hour ish. Lots of googling later, Turned out punkbuster, which was required, had some memory bug where it would try and steal memory from TRIXX and crash the system. stopped using TRIXX, problem solved.
  5. Ive tried the GPUs at stock speeds and over cocked and I still got a crash. Maybe it is just BF3. Im going to run some tests on some other games and find out
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