Acer 5100 "cant get to Bios @ startup pressing F2

Hello, Could really use some help getting my first cpu reformatted.I have reformatted several cpu but 1 day my F2 to setup/Bios quit working. I dont have the funds to upgrade right now nor do I have the $$ to give a tech. can really use some advice on getting to Bios another way. it only go to log in screen and then freeze. Thats why I wont 2 reformat. Ken
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  1. Need more info. Change cpu or ram recently? Tried the "del" key to get into the bios?
  2. This laptop is a acer 5100. I have reformatted several computers in the past,with no problems at all. I have tried F2, F8, Del,F12. when the cpu reboots, i immediately tap the F2 key to enter setup. It bypass setup and go to either login or checking disk consistency or black screen. In any of those 3 states it freezes and I have to do a hard shut down. just want to reformat to get back to original state or even remove any viruses. any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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