Three monitors gtx 480?

can i just add a gt 220 to a 480 so i can run 3 monitors w/ gaming? and will the card added add any extra juice for what the card is worth? or is it only an extra monitor and the gt 220 will add nothing to the performance? also is there any chance it will hinder the performance?
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  1. No, you will not be getting any extra juice by adding the GT 220.

    But, you will be able to run 3 monitors. 1 on the GT 220 and 2 on the 480. As long as you don't SLI the cards, the 480 will hold it's own.
  2. i am wondering if the 480 won't melt the little 220 . . .
  3. ^that would be interesting

    But hopefully OP has good airflow in the case.
  4. well it never goes above 95C so it should be good, hopefully. plus the fan on the 220 will cool it a bit, and since the 220 isn't doing any work it wont heat a lot by itself
  5. You should replace the cooler on the 480 with this that's what i did for my son and he OC his 480 to match a 580 and it never gets hotter than 78C
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