I5 2400 core voltage 1.256-1.268 @ 3.4ghz turbo

According to cpuz I noticed that my core voltage remained at 1.256 - 1.268 while having the enhanced turbo boost on and running prime95. This is a major concern to me because I thought that the core voltage should never exceed 1.16 with this clock speed. I was going to try to turn off PLL overvoltage option off in the bios, but I thought I should ask first before I do anything. The temperature for this cpu at idle goes from 30-39c and load from 55-62c. I am not sure why the cpu is taking in more power than it needs and I want to know if there is something that I could do in the bios to fix that problem.
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  1. There is no std voltage and it is well within max safe VID of 1.52volts so you have nothing to worry about.
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    Enhanced turbo is a msi feature that uses a workaround to make all the cores go to max turbo speed (which isn't normal as the max should only be with 1 core active). It is higher because the auto vcore setting just doesn't know how much you need and often overcompensates. I know the normal range for the 2500k would be ~1.2, my 2500k goes to 1.22 so it shouldn't be much different for the 2400. I'd suggest you manually set your voltage and raise the multi has high as you can which should be 38. You can essentially oc to 3.8ghz on all cores which should be doable at less than 1.2v. I'm at 4.2 at 1.21.
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  4. Have 104mhz for BLK and 1.264v. 3.743mhz at 32-60c.
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