Good temps for a 9800GT single-slot?

I just reapplied my thermal compound and clean my fins, but I am in a mini-itx case with horrible ventilation.

At idle, I get 58-59*C and at full load it stays in the 80s and never passes 85*C. Is this bad or decent? Will the card have a reduced lifespan?
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  1. The 9800GT's were known for running pretty hot. When I had my 8800GT, which is the same as the 9800GT, I remember it running in the 80's about in load. If you could get the temperature lower, maybe by increased fan speed or something, that would always help. Other than that, there isnt much you can really do to lower the temperature.
  2. No, single slot coolers that were used on most 9800gt cards are very poor. I own two 9800gt 1gb editions and both got aftermarket cooling. What brand and model is your 9800gt so maybe can work something easy out that will help it running at a lower temp. What itx case are you using?
  3. As Deemo has pointed out, it's okay. In my opinion, I'd like to run my components less than 70C.

    You can do some cable management inside the computer and have better airflow for the computer case.

    Usually, heat reduces the lifespan of the card.
  4. @nforce4max: apex mi-008. i'll most likely drill in holes at a later time. aftermarket cooling is near impossible :P

    @deemo13: high temps shouldn't decrease the life of it though, right? i really want this card to last, as my case will only take singles, and most good new single slots are upwards of $100. :(
  5. @fantastik250: oh, if only there was room for cable management :P I have a 2.5" laptop hard drive in there to be able to keep my psu cables organized.

    I also have two intakes installed on the side opposite of the card. that's all the fans i have. additionally, i will most likely install yet another intake in the hard drive slot (with very small fans) or an exhaust with laptop fans.
  6. Well you can try to hunt down a 1U server cooler with fan and mod it to mount onto the card. Picked a 1U socket 478 cooler just for that if it is ever needed. Pure copper to ;)

    Beyond that what model is it?
  7. the video card? the evga 9800gt 512mb. single slot, not akimbo. also, with that cooler and fan, is it still a single slot? and are the holes spaced well?
    it absolutely _needs_ to be single slot, otherwise I can't put my cover on :P
  8. Awhile back I actually made a post about this, you can read it here:
  9. Thanks, am i safe to test with OCCT though? I'm already out two video cards (one had bad vram, the other shorted).
  10. Does it have the same cooler as the 8800gt? If not then I suggest that you look to making a mod cooler to keep the temps down. The original coolers are higher quality but do need to be cleaned often. The later models truly suck and I ended up replacing the coolers. Better the cooling the more stable it will be.
  11. it's the same as the 8800gt. i did just clean it out and i did apply arctic silver 5.
  12. Did you remove the face plate and scrub everything? At least you got a decent one, what case do you have? If there is possibility of adding an extra fan near the exhaust port at the front end of the card then your temps for the whole machine will drop. If you got tools then maybe a case mod ;)
  13. nforce, look it prev. replies, i've said this :P
    it's apex mi-008. horrible ventilation.
  14. Yuck, you could have bought a better itx case for the same price. Mod the case...
  15. Where could I have bought a better itx case for that price? I paid $30 for it.. lol
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