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If anyone here plays battlefield P4F i would get most help from them. I have 2 questions, is there anyway possible, from any software to use hard drive space for Video card ram? If so what is it? I play battlefield on super low settings on my 128 mb ram. I'm a recon and i'm really tired of the dust and fog.
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  1. no there isnt any way to use hard drive space for video graphics RAM.
    but if you have 1GB or more system RAM you can increase integrated graphics shared memory at bios
  2. I have 1 gb ram, and with my game running i have about 300 to 180 mb left to use
  3. did you try to enter bios and increase your shared graphics memory
    1gb is very low, if you add more RAM the game will be faster.
    what is your motherboard (model or chipset)and CPU
  4. ok i went into bios and changed it to 256 mb, i'm about to look for the other details
  5. Intel Pentium Dual E2160, and model number 0CU409
  6. perfect, try the game now then tell me whats happened
    you can know all your PC specifications from device manager
    just enter device manager then system devices to know what is your chipset
  7. although when i set it to 256 mb, when i go to the iobit system information it still says 128
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    actually old intel integrated graphics card wont allow you play most games
    you realy need new graphics card and here is amd 6670 for 65$
    it is fast enough for all games at 1440x900
    and here is amd 6570 for 40$
  9. well it works great on low settings, same performance from super low, and im not really a hardcore gamer on pc, not games like mw3 or bf3
  10. and if i'm correct the PCI will work on my system?
  11. yes all PCI-E graphics cards work on all PCI-E motherboards
  12. oh alright, its just all the pictures i've seen make the card look bigger, and when i looked inside my PC it looks kinda smaller, but i'll take your word for it
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  14. to make sure 100% open your case and give your motherboard model number and ill check it for you
  15. g33m20
  16. is your motherboard foxconn
  17. yes it is
  18. if this is your mother board it is 100% compatible you can also download the latest drivers from this page
  19. yup thats it
  20. so its 100% compatible
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