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Setting up 2 display setup on Radeon HD 6450 / Please help!


I am trying to set up my home workstation with two display monitors. The motherboard has onboard video with DVI-D and VGA ports, I don't believe these are needed. However, my graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 6450 with HDMI, VGA, and DVI-I (I believe).

What I am trying to connect is 2 VGA LCD monitors 17" and 19" (unfortunately). I have bought a cord that I thought would downgrade the Digital video from the digital DVI video into regular VGA video so that I could at least have the two monitors running simultaneously. (I am only using this set up for excel and word purposes)

Unfortunately, when I plugged in the cord my monitor just went into power save mode. This happened when I tried restarting with this setup too. Windows won't recognize the monitor plugged in via the DVI to VGA.

Does anyone have any idea why this would be? Does my graphics card support it or not?? Some sources hint at yes, and some no. Please help, thank you.
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    you cannot "downgrade" a digital signal to analog with a cable. DVI-I connectors are capable of outputing an analog signal if they are designed that way, but it would share the same signal with the VGA port. You may be able to use the onboard GPU to drive one monitor, and the 6450 to drive the other.
  2. Alright, thank you for the response... So with my current card it is not possible to run two VGA displays? What would be the most cost effective way to get these two monitors to run from the one computer?
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