Help! - is it the PSU?

I was using my PC (first one, I've built myself) and it suddenly powered down and now won't POST.

It still has a power light on the motherboard and the monitors plugged into the same surge protectors are working as normal.

I was thinking replacing the PSU, but mine shouldn't have gone as the entire rig is only 6 months old and at 650W I thought it should be sufficient.

Anyone got any advice before I rip it to pieces to figure out what the issue is.


AMD Phenom II X4 975
Corsair Vengeance RAM
AMD HD6870
OCZ OCZ600MXSP-UK ModXStream Pro 600W ATX Power Supply
2 HDDs
Antec 300 - case.
ASUS ???? mobo (can't see the name on it or find where it was on amazon)


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  1. If the system doesn't actually boot , even the fans etc don't turn on...take out the cable at the back and leave it off for a bit. Put it back in and try again , if that don't work make sure everything is connected nicely , no wires touching the board underneath etc. If all fails then ask for an RMA on the Power Supply.
  2. Some Psu have a circuit protection, if a problem is detected, that will kick in, stopping it from powering up the rest of the system, like said taking the power cord from the back of the Psu can some times fix the problem, Daft as it sounds surge protectors can also cause a problem also.
    Thought it is not a bad idea to have one in the line to protect your Pc. Like said if the Psu is still failing after this, since it is new send it back under RMA. Other causes could be a short of the motherboard on the back plate, or incorrect connection of power supply to the cards and motherboard. But I highly doubt it since the system has been running fine for six months. So the main culprit is the PSU. The other test is to take the surge protector out of the line and check it is not the cause of the problem so you should check it by just plugging in the cord from the Psu straight to the wall socket.
  3. After unplugging itg and leaving it for several hours, iit still didn't power up but the usb device on the top kind of half-turned on for a second, so there was certainly some power flowing through those.
  4. Hi, There's a test
    Connect a fan to a PSU molex and check if the fan is spinning.
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