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Will this mobo support a 560 ti

My friend wants to get a new gpu, I told him get this one.

He's upgrading from a 9500 GT

His mobo is a

ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5N-E SLI (Socket 775)

One other question is about his CPU, He's running a

Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 @ 1.86GHz48 °C

Just want to know if he needed to upgrade his CPU whats a good option.

He's looking to play Bf3 at high settings, and skyrim at high settings at a lower resolution.

Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance....

PS: I did a search and I just can't find any info on his mobo its easy enough to find info on the GTX 560 ti.
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  1. Yes upgrade the CPU, preferably a Core 2 Quad because BF3 needs a multi-thread/multi-core CPU. Also, the GTX 560 will fit. But, what I am concerned is the Power Supply Unit (PSU), can he tell us the brand and how much watts it gives? You may need to upgrade the PSU.
  2. yes it will work fine. and it really isn't too good of an idea to put more money towards a socket 775 set up. overclocking that E6300 would be a task to get it up enough to really keep up with that gpu in some games.

    if you can find a cheap E8xxx series cpu on ebay, that might be a way to go. or a E5300 or better and overclock the **** out of it with a good heat sink. i had one and it overclocked to 3.8 without breaking a sweat on a crappy 730i board.

    yes i know i suggested C2D and not C2Q a quad core is really overpriced anywhere you look.
  3. 450w power supply, you think that will be sufficient?
  4. Would it be efficient to get another 9500GT, and just hold out until he can afford to build a new pc.
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    a 450 will just cover it and if he builds another pc he can always use the 560ti and save himself from having to buy another card later.
  6. Alright, thanks for the help I'll let him know.
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