Bad latency and huge lag spikes when connected through router


Before I used a router, whenever I connected to a preferred server on an online game, such as Team Fortress 2, CS:S, or Halo:CE, i could play just fine an have a steady latency of 45 or so. That was when I plugged the cable straight into the jack.

Now, I have to share my internet, so I constantly have a person on facebook or youtube with a laptop, connected by wireless. I thought the problem would be too much traffic from both of us combined, but even when I'm the only one on it, I still get high ping, typically 150-400. Whenever both of us are on, I'll get insane lag spikes, usually in the thousands.

It is an old route, a Belkin N1, but that shouldn't be much of a problem, right?

My speed is about 8mbps (roughly 1 MBps) on, so I know that's not the problem.

Can anyone help me find out whats wrong?
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  1. Never mind, the latency is relaxed whenever I'm the only one on now.

    But, what would fix the latency problem whenever we're both on?

    Sorry for double posting, btw.
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