Intel E8600 - Lenovo M58 SFF Desktop (7630)

Hi All,

First of all I would like to thanks the team behind TOMS Hardware and the participants here, have always been a helpful resource and have fixed a lot of minor issues I faced with hardware ... !

Now, I have registered here finally to ask and participate as much as I can, My Question is as follows :

Q : I have a system, a Lenovo M58 Desktop (SFF) Machine Type 7630. It came with a Intel Core2DUO E7400 Processor which does not support Intel VT and Intel VT For Direct IO.

I do have a processor from another machine (with a faulty MOBO) which had E8600 Core 2 DUO which supports Intel VT and Intel VT For direct IO extensions.

Can I install this E8600 replacing the E7400 processor and will then I be able to see the virtualization options (Enable / Disable) in BIOS ? At this moment I can't seem to find anything about virtualization enable or disable in the BIOS ? I Guess that is coz the processor doesn't support it ? Right ?

Also, are these extensions Intel VT and Intel VT-D Processor based or Motherboard based ?

As reported by CPU-Z :

Chipset on my Lenovo M58 is Intel Q45/Q43, Southbridge ICH10.


I am also thinking to install 16GB DDR3 Memory in this machine (4GB x 4) ? Would that be ok?

Will be grateful for your suggestions and expert advise - Many Thanks
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  1. E8600 is supported, not sure, but Eaglelake chipset can support 16GB(2x8GB) of ram
  2. Hi Das_Stig,

    Thank you for your reply and apologies for the delay in getting back.

    I understand that E8600 or E8500 is supported, question is would the BIOS display Intel VT Options once the processor is installed ? Presently I can't seem to find the option for Enabling or disabling Intel VT in bios ?

    any ideas ?

    kind regards
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