What will speed up my computer the most?

Hey, i've just recently built a new computer. my specs are;
i5 3470
asrock b75m-gl r2.0
fractal design core 1000
4gb corsair ram drr3 1600mhz
500w modular psu
150gb hhd.

I thought it would be a bit faster but i'm using my hdd from my really old 2007 computer. It's still fast but i thought it be faster, it takes just over 1 min too boot up ect, and i thought it would just be a tad faster at opening programs. what would make it faster?

4gb more ram
60gb solid state drive

which would make it faster? If you have other ways to make it faster please mention.
thank you
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  1. An SSD will make the most noticeable improvement. I would recommend at least a 128GB SSD though. 60GB is tight and you'll end up spending time trying to maintain the space used by windows, etc.
  2. Completely agree with redtailed, the SSD will make a much more noticeable improvement over the upgrade of RAM. Definitely too go for the 128Gb.
    Do you use any graphically demanding programs? Do you game? You haven't listed whether you use a graphics card or not.
    Oh and Happy New Year!
  3. 60GB is fine as long as you're not loading up a bunch of games on the drive.

    Long-term it is certainly a good idea to replace your old HDD if you have some backed-up data on it, but you do not appear to be in need of a great deal of storage.

    Just be sure to run disk clean-up and remove old restore points and accumulated rubbish.
  4. SSD will speed it up the most hands down
  5. i game abit, but only certain games. i only have 2 games which i use. skyrim and roller coaster tycoon, not the biggest games in the world, only around 6gb. i will just like to put a couple of programs on it (The ones i use most)
  6. SSD and the ram do both if you can swing it. But I would go with a minimum 128gb ssd. 60gb is barely enough just for windows with maybe a few programs these days.
  7. okay thanks, so if i get 4gb ddr3 160ghmz and a 128 gb sdd i will stop having "not responding problems" and itunes, dreamweaver ect will open alot quick plus quicker game loading times? correct?
  8. Yes.
  9. Hi :)

    Both...but RAM FIRST...

    All the best Brett :)
  10. What OS are you running ? Is it a 32Bit or 64Bit ?
  11. 64 bit
  12. Your CPU is just fine. Here is what I think you should change :

    1. You might want to go for a slightly newer, higher capacity and faster HDD, not SSD but anything Newer than what you currently have. Even a 250GB SATA II HDD will do just fine. 500GB's are cheaper these days so if you can, just go for that.

    2. A bit more Ram will do as Windows 7 Bit can actually take advantage of all 4GB ram you have and more. Bump it up to 6GB or 8GB if you Motherboards allows that. Please note, amount of Ram you will need is dependant on types applications you will be running.

    Your PC should ran much quicker after this
  13. A Windows OS install is likely less than 25GB. With a few programs and games, you will not break 35GB.
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